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Wing Hiong Bah Kut Teh @ Subang Jaya 1.0Stars
It's not wing hiong is da de bak kut teh
I cant find any wing hiong outlets here and the phone number given on page (0192745937) is been proven by da de bak kut teh owner (-ι_- )
26 Jun 2017 • Read Full Review
Star Village @ Puchong 1.6Stars
the manager at starvillage puchong was one of the WORST manager we have dealt with in our entire life! first it looked like a very good place to bring your family. However, we had the worst time knowing that the manager who is a Chinese man with glasses was rather heartless and non apologetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had bought Groupon voucher for star village Kuchai lama but wrongly went to Puchong. with our new born baby and my aged mother, we sat comfortably after getting wet in the rain! upon ordering the poor waiter came to us to say manager said we cant eat here coz voucher said kuchai lama. coz we have a new born baby and was heavily raining, my husband tried to talk to the manager and without any empathy he said no way. we know and understand that it was our mistake but at least this manager who was SUPPOSED to be good with PR skills should have at least come and apologize or show us that he really cant help us. but honestly speaking we have been to many many restaurants, this was one manager that has no respect for his customers and has zero pr skills! will NEVER recommend anyone to this puchong restaurant! we then went to kuchai lama and the manager was so sweet and nice.. just a simple hello and sorry could have been so nice to hear especially when u are with a little baby and the heavy rain on top of that. this puchong star village boss needs serious management classes!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, well words will definitely spread out of his lack of empathy! the management should look into this matter. nice place with poor PR skills wont bring you anywhere far.
16 May 2016 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
D'Kayangan BBQ Steamboat Buffet 4.6Stars
The best steamboat grill restaurant in Shah Alam. The concept same like Seoul Garden but the taste more to Malaysian taste. My favourite is the seafood. Prawn is fresh and big. They also have crab! And of course they have lala / mussels / fish / kerang / bamboo shell (i like this one) and many more. The place is big. On the day I came, they have 1 big function (for me its big because they have block inside restaurant for the function). So we have to sit outside. And i'm more prefer outdoor than indoor. They refill very fast. Maybe one or two item need to wait 5 - 10 mins. but who cares! You have 3 hours to eat! According to my friend the kambing is nice. I dunno because I don't eat kambing. But he eat a lot! haha. So for dessert, I just have an ice cream and fruits. Although they have ABC, cake..etc. We have a great experience there and I give 5 star!
18 Jan 2016 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Secret Recipe @ Sunway Pyramid 3.0Stars
Had take out here last night...cornish pasty and shephards pie. It was too far to go back once I got home but when I opened the packaging the contents were disgusting. Half cooked rotten meat with a foul smell. In the UK or USA I would have taken this straight to the health inspector but Malaysia Govt doesn't have an easy process to follow. I have nevertheless written a letter of complaint to the Health Department.
13 Jul 2015 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Sid's Pub @ Damansara Heights 5.0Stars
Authentic, tasty, quick and lots of it.
plenty of choice and all washed down with a great pint. Get there early to get a table and spend all evening soaking up the atmosphere.
23 Jun 2015 • Read Full Review
Uno @ Taipan USJ (Subang Jaya) 4.0Stars
Used to be better before they moved, but still good authentic taste even if a little overpriced. Best during weekday evenings as less crowded.
23 Jun 2015 • Read Full Review
Restaurant Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood @ Puchong 1.0Stars
I would not recommend going on a weekend. Had to wait over an hour after we had ordered before any food arrived. We were not alone... others were waiting just as long. Food taste was good bit portions small. If we had know how small the portions were we would have ordered more but didnt want to wait another hour for more. Didn't think much of the curry prawns. . 3 small prawns in a soup made with cheap curry powder.Can get better than this in Klang and it would have been quicker to drive there than wait so long.
23 Jun 2015 • Read Full Review
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ Sunway Pyramid 4.6Stars
Great place to satisfy your sweet tooth
The frozen yoghurt is creamy and doesn't feel too sweet unlike a lot of places. Worth checking every month to see their new flavours
2 Dec 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
The Steakhouse KL 4.6Stars
One of the best steakhouses in town. Attentive staff. Nice steak imported from Australia. Cozy and peaceful environment. Very comfortable and I came here for my birthday celebration, it's awesome!
27 Oct 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
The Whisky Bar KL 4.6Stars
vintage and luxurious atmosphere, wide range of whisky labels, great service and i love it.
27 Oct 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Fierce Curry House 5.0Stars
Hi Yee, this is Herukh from Fierce Curry House. Just wanted to let you know that your review of Fierce Curry House is incorrect as all our produce is Halal and we do not sell beef or pork. Would you kindly remove your review or correct it as it suggests that we are a non halal outlet which is untrue. Please email me at fiercecurryhouse@gmail.com should you need any clarification. I hope you can come by to Fierce Curry House and review our Banana Leaf and Hyderabad Dum Biryani! Thank you. Regards, Herukh
20 Oct 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
BBQ Chicken @ KL Festival City 3.2Stars
I have dined at BBQ thrice thus far, all visits with their own little problems. However, the third time, which at the time this review was written, merely an hour ago, I had probably the worst dining experience I've even partaken in thus far. The audacity of this situation is alarming, for I have never been so disappointed in a restaurant's service that I took the initiative to sign up for a website just to share my experience.

I will first start off with the fact that I enjoy the food served at BBQ, which remains to be the only reason I return despite the various kinks. However, my dining experience today took the cake and I'm utterly disappointed by it.

Everything started out fine, with my family and I ordering our individual meals. My brother and I had ordered the Jerk BBQ while my mother ordered the Charbroiled Chicken.The waitress repeated our orders and went on her way. My previous experiences at BBQ has made it established that it takes quite a while for the food to get done. 30 minutes later, my brother's and mother's meals arrived. However, mine had yet to come. I figure it was merely taking a little longer for whatever I had ordered to arrive. I would also like to note here that my mom's order had somehow been mixed up and she instead received a Jerk BBQ.

I waited a little longer but then realised something was amiss when a table that had ordered long after us had received their food. We called the waitress only to find out that my order had not been keyed into the system. She then proceeded to call 2 other girls, who I believe were responsible to key in the orders. Instead of apologising, the 3 girls started a 'blame game' where they'd say it was not their fault to each other. I didn't care who did it, just fix it! The 2 girls left after 'stating their case' and our waitress was left dumbfounded before saying 'So how?' to me. I then asked her to just get my order ready, which she did. 15 minutes later. Did I mention they got my choice of rice wrong? Yeah, they did.

Deflated at this point, I quickly ate my food, having already spent an hour and a half in the restaurant, as my family, who had finish eating sat around doing nothing. When we were off to pay, my mom complained to the cashier, Danie (who might have been the store manager as I've seen him since my first visit and he was the only one with a nametag) about how the service had been terrible. He then said that it was because there were many people today. This was what I found weird, because the whole time I was in that restaurant, the 5 servers would be standing around because all they had to do was help with the customer's ordering then serve the food that is slowly churned out. My mom then complained about how our orders were wrong but it was only met by Danie's silence before he placed the bill in front of us. Once again, without a word of apology.

Don't get me wrong, the food here is great, but the service, god awful. However, I have hope that things will change and will be willing to give BBQ another try. But only if there is something done to combat such bad service.
18 Oct 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
BBQ Chicken @ One Utama 4.2Stars
Bbq Chicken just make a re-opening today, according to their staff this time around they bring a new look and new menu. So decided to enter and give a try. I ordered one of their signature menu which is grill chicken called Jerk bbq served with pineapple rice, mashed potato and green salad. for drinks i have blue peach which served with vanilla ice cream.
Their serviced is great and fast, and did a good job in explaining about their new menu.

The ambience is so great and very welcoming, if you like to enjoy your meal with a peaceful atmosphere, I suggest BBQ Chicken One utama for you.
28 Sep 2014 • Read Full Review
Capricciosa @ Pavilion 4.2Stars
The food is prepared fresh from the kitchen with generous good fresh herbs. The Aglio Olio is one of the best Ive tasted. They used to have pumpkin pie, which was divinely but now they've changed menu and omitted the pie.
19 Sep 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Las Vacas @ Mont Kiara 4.0Stars
Fresh good cuts, the best is still the Beef Wraps! A simple great idea. The burger was also good; the patty was excellent but the bread wasnt the freshest. Great food with good service!
19 Sep 2014 • Read Full Review
Frontera Sol of Mexico 3.8Stars
There is no where else in Malaysia that serves great crispy tacos. Hands-down the best!
19 Sep 2014 • Read Full Review
Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion 4.0Stars
I frequented this restaurant when I worked in Bukit Bintang and was 3 years we enjoyed the food immensely until we were told by a Muslim server there that the sweet sauce has pork oil in it. Considering that I am a Muslim, this was a great deal-breaker, and no, none of the other servers informed us prior to that even knowing that we are muslims. Otherwise, it is a great place with great, reasonably priced food.
19 Sep 2014 • Read Full Review
Kohinoor 2.6Stars
Il reviewed Kohinoor
The service was good but much is to be desired from the food and environment; we chose to sit outside and the restaurant next to it is Taipei Restaurant blasting old chinese operas which gave somewhat awkward cultural atmosphere.

The appetizer was papad with mint chutney; the chutney was mostly yogurt with very slight tinge of mint. We also ordered Paneer Pakora; a disappointment because the cut was not bite size making the batter borderlining to soggy and the taste was really bland.

Then came the entree, palak aloo and rogan josh with plain paratha. We had trouble ordering plain paratha because apparently all of their parathas are stuffed. The aloo in palak were cut in chunky sizes making some cuts undercooked while some were over cooked, but the palak itself was nice. Rogan josh was nicely prepared but the lamb was not entirely fresh.

Masala chai we ordered could use a little be more masala but was not entirely terrible. The salted lassi however was just terrible; they oversalted it, it could have passed as a gravy.

For dessert, we ordered pista kulfi and although it was nice, it wasnt exactly what we had hoped for. It was green and could use more milk or cream in it.

For the price they are charging, it was not satisfactory.
19 Sep 2014 • Read Full Review
Taiwan Recipe @ Pearl Point 4.4Stars
Try this in IOI before, the taste same like the other branch, good job in maintaining the taste and outlook. Keep it up, recomend for 3-cup chicken and sesame oil chicken rice set . Delicious .
27 Aug 2014 • Read Full Review
Taiwan Recipe @ IOI Mall 4.8Stars
Nice and tasty food inside. Got taiwan feel .
27 Aug 2014 • Read Full Review
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. @ Sunway Pyramid 5.0Stars
last 25th of July 2014, I manage to suprise my boyfriend with the help of Bubba's families especially Ms Sumitra their corporate marketing exec. Me and my boyfriend both agreed that the food is delicious and the environment is so relax. the birthday celebration also dons by thecrew as they come to our table and ask my bf to stand on the chair and they sing the birthday song. quit shocking also. my bf got speecless. thanks guys!
1 Aug 2014 • Read Full Review
Big Brother Restaurant 4.2Stars
I read the bad reviews people gave here before deciding that heck, I wanna give it a try despite the ratings. I went for berbuka puasa and they served free dessert (kuih) for us. The waiters politely asking if the food was okay or not. As far as I remember, there were 3 of them came and asked if we are satisfied with their service and food. I believe that they are improving in term of service. The food were great. We ordered steak and chicken as main dish and the most crispy onion ring for starter. I enjoy my dine there and will definitely come again. Thank you.
17 Jul 2014 • Read Full Review
Melting Pot Cafe @ Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 1.0Stars
Ramadhan buffet was the worse buffet I have ever had. I booked 8 seats to treat my staff for buka puasa and it was not worth the money. Very limited selection and the food was below average.
14 Jul 2014 • Read Full Review
The Red Beanbag 3.8Stars
I've been going here on and off for the last year. The place is packed on weekends so try to go by 11 if you don't like to wait

The breakfasts are good and priced okay. You can't go wrong with anything based on eggs. The names on the menu will make you chuckle.

The coffee here is average. If I want a good coffee I would go to Coffee Societe in the back floor of Publika instead
29 Jun 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Ayam Penyet Express 3.0Stars
I like their coffee, bread toast and fried rice..I really love their nescafe ! yummy..though a bit too expensive though!
29 Jun 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Aliyaa Restaurant & Bar 3.6Stars
delicious food though a bit expensive
29 Jun 2014 • Read Full Review
The Press Room 5.0Stars
The Press Room is good value for your money! Superb cuisine and superbly affordable as well for the value you receive after dining here!
29 Jun 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Fierce Curry House 2.4Stars
The food here is totally bland! Biryani rice smells of rice sack odour and also smells like unwashed rice.The mutton feels like the meat of very old goatl. The mutton biryani has just 3 pieces of tiny shreds of mutton. So Disappointed! Dont want to go there any more at all! Six months ago, it was great in food but not any more..maybe, the cook must have changed.....
29 Jun 2014 • Read Full Review
OverTime @ Sunway Pyramid 3.0Stars
Do u have live band on Thursday night ?
9 Jun 2014 • Read Full Review
De Asian Café @ Kota Damansara 1.0Stars
Just had lunch and I had the "special" curry me whilst my teenage son had the Sweet and sour chicken chop. The coconut in the curry mee tasted like it was out of a can (maybe they ran out of fresh coconut? ), which lacked flavour and taste. Think the market near my place serves up a better curry mee.
As for the chicken chop..after removing the large service of garnishing in the sauce, what was left was a shrivelled up piece of over-fried chicken chop. My son took forever to eat the "chewy" chicken chop.
This will be my first n last visit. Pls avoid.
25 May 2014 • Read Full Review
Restoran Nasi Kukus Selera Timur 4.4Stars
gulai itik serati!!!!!!!!

you must try it if you duck lover.
21 May 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Nando's 4.2Stars
Reevan Raja reviewed Nando's
The Boneless Chicken breast is good,along with the Extra hot sauce
24 Mar 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Kenny Rogers Roasters @ Sunway Pyramid 4.8Stars
Kenny's Quarter Meal will be the best satisfying meal ever.
The flavor should be black pepper,along mac n cheese,corn n carrot,BBQ beans,and Mocha Chips muffin is the best selection.After the meal,The black pepper sauce is very savoring to sip it and black pepper is very healthy.
24 Mar 2014 • 3 Helpful • Read Full Review
Hartz Chicken Buffet 4.4Stars
This restaurant is closed.Before this,the place was amazing and the food was delicious,but the restaurant did not have any ice cream.
Please have this restaurant back.I come here every Sunday for the tastiest meal of my life
24 Mar 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Burger Junkyard 3.2Stars
i went and tried it

order texas hold me, beef patty,onion rings and bacon

all burgers come with fries and a dip sauce

the burger:

-patty was dry.tasteless. i should have some rub, like salt or pepper. but it taste of nothing.

-onion rings was good.crunchy

-bacon was soft and wet. i donno if its intentional or not,but i dont think thats how bacon should be cook

one cinis bro sit beside me was complaining too,saying bacon should be dry and crunchy

and there's tendon on my bacon,so part of it i gotta discard. dont u eat whatever on ur burger?

thats why they grind the meat and leave out the bone.cuz u cant eat those.cuz u suppose to be able to eat everything on ur burger

-the cheddar cheese taste of...nothing too.its more like mozzarella. cuz really plain

-the bun taste like normal burger bun u buy at some kedai runcit. why?

cuz its too soggy.there some sauce in the burger,but the bun absorb too much and become like bread dip in water

even the wet prosperity burger from mc d dont have that kind of soggy bun

-the sauce taste like normal black pepper sauce u buy from supermarket

the friest:

-nice.thick.crunchy.enough seasoning

-like the dip.though i donno what it made of.taste almost like the gravy from ikea meatball


i dont hate it. but i terribly disappointed.

they can easily make the patty better (put more rub,use masala or pepper or even mustard powder)

they can easily make their sauce better. as comparison, burger king black pepper sauce taste much better

they can easily make their own bun.or use better ones

cheese need to have stronger taste.

i pay 20 ringgit,but i can get much better burger at carls or burger king

at least carls bun not soggy,and unlimited refills of drinks. and better fries
at least burger king got better sauce

its disappointing. such a let down. really remind me of starbucks. overpriced stuff

at least starbucks is well known franchise from other country. burger junkyard?

on the upside,at least service was good
13 Mar 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
myBurgerLab 4.4Stars
ok.lets start. I took the menu A++( with 2 pieces of parmesan crisp)

Bun: nice.its light and not too...heavy.kinda hollow inside so doesnt overwhelmed the main focus; the meat

Patty: moist. good seasoning. soft. cook at medium. much better than burger junkyard

Vege: alot. 1 big piece of salad, 4 cherry tomatoes

Mushrooms: alot too. properly cook.good seasoning

Caramelized onions: taste was fine,but it was overcook and the texture was spoiled.its like mash potato

Parmesan crisp: got 2 pieces. 1 was ok,the other one was hangit,and it left a terrible aftertaste.

Fries: it was crispy and adequately thick.the problem was its sprinkled heavily with rosemary,and im allergic to rosemary. had severe chest pain and a bit difficulty of breathing. but i persevere for the sake of eating the burger tongue.gif


its miles better than burger junkyard. at least they get the basic right.

bun was nice, patty was properly seasoned and not dry

at first,i thought they have weird combination, cuz the burger i ate have caramelized onion and 2 types of mushroom.

but when i eat all of the together,surprisingly, they work well together

the patty was mildly seasoned, and together with the cheese,parmesan crisp and the mushroom, it give kinda...milky-ish taste

really soft and mild. not my cup of tea cuz i prefer more aggressive seasoning,with more pepper for extra spiciness

all in all,it was good. i was satisfied with what i get for my rm22, especially with bottomless drink.

it was a good burger,but just not the one that i prefer

Will i go again? : yes.but maybe another menu/burger

owh.and i like the environment.minimal decoration give a very clean yet sophisticated look.

and the service is awesome.very nice,very polite,very friendly.their burgers might not be top notch,but their service surely is.

went again for another burger,Beautiful Mess. beef patty,sunny side egg, fried portobello

that was awesome.thats really up my alley.lack the creamy taste from my previous burger,but the egg add a unique texture to the burger

the portobello was fried with bread crumbs,so very crunchy.

patty was moist and juicy,delicious

one of the best gourmet burgers in town
13 Mar 2014 • Read Full Review
Gangnam Station Restaurant 4.6Stars
Nice to go with family, get extra menu without paid. Good Service.
5 Mar 2014 • Read Full Review
Coffee Societe 4.0Stars
The coffee and breakfast are good and the place usually isn't very crowded

The big breakfast and a cappucino is a great way to start the day! I like the mushrooms and hash browns here
3 Mar 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Canton-i @ One Utama 2.2Stars
Went to Canton-i @ One Utama for lunch today. My sister and I queueing, many ppl leaving and there were empty tables inside but the man who I later learnt was the manager (Ryan Liew) seemed a bit lost. Eventually he came and handed my sister a piece of paper with no explanation. My sister who was standing in front of me tried to ask why there were tables and we were not being seated. I told my sister not to complain and indicated to the manager that we were together. He ignored us, continued to the back of the queue and then back into the restaurant. We waited and could not understand why there were empty tables and no one was being seated. Finally, without a word, he indicated us to a table. My sister was surprised by his rudeness but I told my sister that Ryan was just not very happy today.
During the meal I needed some paper napkins. I tried to avoid sour-faced Ryan but the other waiters were busy so I thought I'd give him a second chance. I asked him politely for the napkins, he nodded - still not voice - but he failed to deliver although he did look my way several times. I had to ask another water for the napkins.
As I said, he may not be happy, but in the service, there is no excuse for his behaviour.
On the other hand I must commend Archie - he always had a smile on his face and attended cheerfully to our requests. He was busy serving other tables but the minute I lifted my teapot cover, he was right there asking if I needed more water. Archie gets full marks!
I rate your service poor because your manager needs to be taught a lesson in courtesy.
2 Mar 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Surisit Thai Kopitiam 2.8Stars
They have airconditioning now...

The coconut and spicy Tom Yam were just ok - didn't taste at all like the unforgettable Tom Yam I had in Thailand's Chiangmai Airport - and ice lemon tea tasted stale.

The highly recommend fried pork was a bit "stinky", maybe they left it to thaw too long?

Also they closed slightly after 3pm yesterday.

I have to give them a thumbs up for service though - staff and supervisor were tip top.

To me Asian Terrace near KLPAC Jalan Ipoh takes the best Thai food award. A lot pricier though but so romantic with the candle-lit walkway, it's worth it.

15 Feb 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Wheatfield Bakery & Café 5.0Stars
Superb. I tried the Black Forest Log first when my sister got it as a gift Christmas. So impressed I brought my kids over for breakfast and often buy their red velvet swiss roll, everything tastes superb.
15 Feb 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
D'Kayangan BBQ Steamboat Buffet 1.2Stars
This is the worst place my family and I have ever eaten at. We were in a hurry to celebrate my wedding anniversary and googled bbq steamboats in klang valley and were pleased to find one operating until 12 midnight since we got back late from work.

The owners have no incling at all how to marinate seafood for grilling. All food were marinated with kunyit and curry powder with some salt, which are marinates for frying NOT grilling. The outcome was so disgusting we could hardly eat anything and at RM 33/ pax for 5 people, D'kayanagan made RM 165 from us which would have been enough to cover all the marketing for all the food at the buffet. There was hardly any ice-cream left and the lamb was cold and mushy. Instead of oil they use margarine and the grill and steamboats are the small portable ones you use at home. We should have realised that an empty restaurant most often means the food is not good but wasted my husband'd money to give it a try.. The restaurant next to it "hayaki?" was full of people and regretted not having gone there instead. Do not waste your money here. Seoul BBQ is paradise compared to this place.
14 Feb 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Daidomon 2.0Stars
Capture1st reviewed Daidomon
Never try before at here, so wanna give a chance to try it out! ^_^
Daidomon Japanese BBQ Buffet is located at 3rd floor of Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang..where it's near to Fairview International School..
There are specialize in Yakiniku (grilled meat) which offer in buffet style..
For BEEF LOVER, this is your opportunity to eat-till-you-satisfiy ! >_
1 Feb 2014 • Read Full Review
Mr Cendol @ One Utama 5.0Stars
Mr .Cendol also offered some local Asian food which most of the menu is spicy. Yes. We all love spicy food of course. Will come back for their nasi lemak and mee rebus. Looks so tempting in the menu with reasonable price from RM 8 onwards.
28 Jan 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Garden Lifestyle Store and Café @ Sunway Pyramid 5.0Stars
Sizzling Chicken Chop RM 19.90. It has been a while i did not ordered sizzling stuff. The sizzling chicken chop is the signature dish and the taste is good, with all the tomato sauce mix with the vegetables. It is served in a sizzling hot plate and sizzles all the way from the kitchen. The hissing sounds makes me begin to miss my first bite of the sizzling chicken at the SHIP. The boneless chicken is juicy too.
28 Jan 2014 • Read Full Review
Fierce Curry House 4.8Stars
Braised Pork Belly - Savory Braised pork belly served with an Asian-inspired tangy sweet sauce of passion fruit, spices and wine. This is the usual Chinese popular dish that uses the fatty meat from the belly part. Perfectly braised for more than 3 hours with Chinese white wine and makes this pork belly so tender and moist. It will not stick to your teeth, just will melt inside the mouth.. Highly recommended and i really wish i could have one more piece pork belly. Pretty darn good soft meat and juicy. Fantabulous!!
28 Jan 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Win Soon Café @ Kota Damansara 5.0Stars
Delicious nonetheless of this Fried Fresh Prawn and Fish Head Meehon. Enjoy sucking the juices out of the prawn shell and lobster-like texture with mild, sweet taste. The fish meat is fresh, whole combination is pretty good with the addition of the 'Chu Yau Cha'.(fried lardons) .
28 Jan 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
FLAM's 4.0Stars
yee reviewed FLAM's
Mushroom Flam’s Deluxe -RM42.80. Flam's is famous of their french pizza‘thin-crust-pizza. They have an open kitchen at the corner of the restaurant,huge enough with brick oven to baked the pizza. The pizza dough is absolutely thin layer and very crispy. Mushroom Flam's Deluxe is old time favourite that is seasoned and glazed mixed fresh mushroom, a splash of secret oil, aromatic herbs, cheese, and more cheese..The pizza is so flavourful with the aromatic mushrooms and herbs that makes me wanna have more pieces. The pizza is about 14"inch pizza and also suitable for vegetarian.
28 Jan 2014 • Read Full Review
Jarrod & Rawlins @ Plaza Damansara 4.0Stars
Good happy hour prices for beer. RM 14 1 pint tiger, RM 18 Guinness. The chicken mushroom pie is delicious! Worth the wait
26 Jan 2014 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ Sunway Pyramid 4.4Stars
God! I'm always stop-by and buy yogurt ice cream whenever i see Moo-cow! (except in fasting month). The texture, sweetness, flavours... Drive me nuts when I need to decide which flavour i want..Feel like wanna eat all flavours at a time!
Stop By. Eat. You Never Regret It! mooo~~
4 Jan 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Teh Tarik Place @ Sunway Pyramid 3.6Stars
Just a simple comment. Even the teh tarik price nearly RM3, but compared to location, taste and environment, i think it's worth it!!
4 Jan 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Restoran MS Beriani & Asam Pedas 3.2Stars
It is located just next to Checkers Supermarket. Well, it's a good location to shopping groceries, do car wash and have a lunch in one place. Asam Pedas tastes nice. To me, kacang pol is just in average taste, same as nasi beryani. But you wouldn't feel frustrated to stop by and have a lunch here. that's a promise!
4 Jan 2014 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
SUKA Bar & Restaurant 1.0Stars
Just had dinner ordered noodle and satay. Tasteless. Price not worth of foods served.
ordered 1 dozen satay. Came only half dozen but tasteless. Street satay more delicious. Will not recommend this restaurant and will not be dining here any more.
25 Dec 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Sakae Sushi @ KL Festival City 3.0Stars
Whenever talk or think about it, it does makes me happy.. =)
I've been to different shop of sushi restaurants around Kuala Lumpur such as Sushi Tei (my all time favourite!!), Zanmai Sushi and Sushi King.. So far, I often visit Sakae Sushi at Festival City with classmates since we're sushi lovers.. and the price at there is reasonable..
I heard that they launched a new menu, without hesitation, I've been to there, again!! >_< I personally like their Salmon Sashimi, Chinmi Sushi and Twin Chinmi Maki..
14 Dec 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Smashies Burger 3.0Stars
I'd went to visit Smashies Burger when I saw the deals at Living Social.. It's currently having promotion : RM24 cash voucher for food and drinks at RM13 !! Groupon is currently having promotion for it too.. Without hesitation, I'd bought it because of my curiosity to know what's the unique about it..
The moment we reached there, there is a 'big refrigerator' featuring those ice-cream at the side entrance of the shop!! It simply captivated my attention..
I personally like 'I Am Single' and 'Hot Chick'.. The burgers are delicious and unique..
14 Dec 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Sushi Tei @ Pavilion 3.4Stars
I've not been to here for few months, yet I still remember the name for those dishes I order always..
It's not easy to find a perfectly served salmon and freshly made sushi with reasonable prices.. Their services are excellent too!
I personally prefer 'Soft Shell Crab Maki', 'Salmon Sashimi', 'Inari Kani Mentai Mayo' and 'Salmon Sushi'..
Salmon sashimi is freshly served all the time.. Definitely will come back again!
14 Dec 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Tappers Cafe @ Platinum Victory 2.8Stars
We've been decided to visit there for sometimes.. and here we go, Tappers Cafe!!
Their restaurant's theme is WHITE!! >.<
I heard from my friend that some of the dishes are delicious.. So I ordered it to fulfill my curiosity..
There even have chef's recommended, breakfast set and lunch set too!! It's not only western food, but there do serve varieties of food such as rice, spaghetti, and side dishes..
13 Dec 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Auntie Anne's @ KLCC 3.4Stars
i really like the taste...Hmmmm
i go to klcc so often because of it~~~
29 Nov 2013 • Read Full Review
Sakura Kristal Restaurant @ Taman Melawati 4.4Stars
good place to have dinner....
dinner wif my frend be4,~~
29 Nov 2013 • Read Full Review
Yip's Kitchen 3.0Stars
Never tried it before, but it's replaced with Secret Recipe Beyond Vege.
15 Nov 2013 • Read Full Review
Vivo American Pizza & Panini @ Berjaya Times Square 2.8Stars
I had the grilled chicken with mushroom sauce. It was really good. Chicken was nicely cooked, rice was warm, mushroom sauce was perfect. It wasn't to thick and has lots of flavors. The salad that came with the dish was mediocre and forgettable but overall I enjoyed the dish.

On top of that I had a mushroom and herb pizza to go. It was overpriced and horrible. It was dry, overcooked, and taste like a bag of grass. There was too much herbs and the roasted almonds did not help. Overall it tasted like a piece of overpriced burnt toast. I would not pay RM10 for it let alone RM22.90.

I would return for the chicken but not the pizza. For a restaurant that claims to sell "American" Pizza and Panini, It is disappointing to see that the pizza was poorly executed and the panini -- though I did not order it, living in California for 4 years I have seen my fare share of it and it looks nothing like what they have on the menu.

Reason I opt for the chicken instead of a panini was because what they call a panini is what Americans called a hoagie bun. Essentially calling a meatball sandwich a panini. It would fly in Malaysia but the utter disrespect and lack of awareness for American is insulting.

I had a Coffee Float. Taste horrible, weakest coffee I have ever had. It taste like water with vanilla ice cream. Not worth the asking price

Atmosphere was good. Quiet, Spacey, Comfortable. Waitress was nice and professional. I would return for the chicken but sadly, most of the food and drinks does not live up to it;s price. Not worth it unless you want a good piece of chicken.
8 Oct 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Fukuya @ KLIA 5.0Stars
The customer service is very very bad! Especially the manager and the supervisor! They shouted at us very loudly! I wont visit it again! I hope there will be some action taken to protect the customer authority!

this visit very bad
tat (malay and chinese) manager say we : if u dun hv $$ dun come here eat
1: service bad
2: tat malay speak so loud bad manners .
3: no good service also wan tax money
4: no good service at door with staff keep talking
5: call order no hv 1 staff service we
28 Sep 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Fukuya @ KLIA 1.0Stars
The customer service is very very bad! Especially the manager and the supervisor! They shouted at us very loudly! I wont visit it again! I hope there will be some action taken to protect the customer authority!
28 Sep 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Marutama Ramen @ Fahrenheit 88 5.0Stars
Unexpectedly thick broth for chicken stock, very pleasantly surprised. The ramen is good priced at rm 19, +6 for extra char siu. Porridge is excellent. The Gyoza is the only thing I find below average

Heard a lot about marutama but only just tried it. It's my new favourite ramen restaurant!
21 Sep 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
The Journey Cafe @ SetiaWalk 4.0Stars
I've been to this cafe couple of times as at now. I like the atmosphere the most, as you the name of the cafe gives you some hint about the theme. It is all about travel and journey from other countries. The foods are acceptable for me, some menus are having special name such as aussie brekkie, salmon norwegian and few items which I can't remember in details. I love to order their cakes as well. You may also try their soft shell crab spaghetti, the crabs are huge in size...yum yum
18 Sep 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Hui Lau Shan @ Sunway Pyramid 3.0Stars
The peanut sticky glutinous balls and carrot cake were quite nice~ :) I guess I like the carrot cake because of the mushrooms and white carrot strips in it. :P But beware~ Their taste run off when cold... So~ Best eat them while warm :D
Like their coconut ribbon as well. :)

True that Sunway Pyramid has a limited choice for chinese desserts... so, could go... :)
14 Sep 2013 • 3 Helpful • Read Full Review
Suki-Ya @ Mont Kiara 3.8Stars
Suki-Ya has opened its door in 1 Mont Kiara just a couple of months ago. With much anticipation, I gathered the troop with our hungry tummies to check out what it's all about. The lunch buffet is quite a steal for RM29.80++ per person, I must say.

The first thing you'll see when you walk in is a 'salad bar', featuring all sorts of fresh vegetables, some fish balls, and clams. We ordered the Miso soup as well as the Kimuchi soup. Both had pretty good flavours although the Kimuchi soup could be spicier. As for the dipping sauce, my favourite would be the spicy, garlicky misotare sauce. The Gomatare you'd have to speciallly request for, it's basically a very fragrant sesame sauce. Good with the vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables. We first start with the harder ones so they will soften completely while flavouring the soup. We filled up plates upon plates of vegetables for a healthier meal.

Feel free to order however many trays of meat, but make sure you don't waste them. They offer Lamb, Beef as well as Chicken but we only went for the first two. The Beef bordering on tasteless though, so it was lamb for me.

Apart from the savoury stuff, they also have a soft serve station with 2 flavours available: Green Tea and Chocolate. Next to the station are various toppings you can choose. Simple, but pleasant. The service is polite but can be slow when it's busy.
11 Sep 2013 • 3 Helpful • Read Full Review
Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid 4.0Stars
The waitress at Canton i is so helpful offering to substitute fish when I said I don't like prawn.

The BBQ pork here is the best!
6 Sep 2013 • Read Full Review
Station One @ Selayang 2.0Stars
the services sometimes very bad call above 15 minute also not ppl come to serve
30 Aug 2013 • Read Full Review
Ichiban Boshi @ Publika 3.4Stars
Ichiban Boshi is a popular place for lunch and the restaurant in Publika tends to be packed. The decor and service are good, but the lunch food here is substandard compared to the other Japanese restaurants in the same mall. The chicken cutlet tastes dry, like it was microwaved just before serving. I haven't tried the sushi, hopefully it's better

The price is ok and lots of Malays eat here so it's suitable for office groups
13 Aug 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Ecogreen 3.8Stars
Kelly Siew reviewed Ecogreen
Visited this place with fellow reviewer randomfoodie and loved everything there. I had the fish laksa based on staff's recommendation and found it to be tasty with complex flavours, yet it's non greasy and non cloying. The lemongrass salad is a must try and love at first bite. We enjoyed the chia drink not only for the benefits but it was also refreshing for the hot weather. Highly recommended!
13 Aug 2013 • 2 Helpful • Read Full Review
Hanare @ Intermark 4.6Stars
Hanare serves some of the best sashimi I've had in KL. The salmon is nothing like what you're used to having in other restaurants. Fresh wasabi is also top notch. Has to be tasted to be believed!

2 Aug 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Ban Dot Mai Thai Seafood Restaurant 5.0Stars
THE RESTAURANT IS CLOSED...!!! FRUSTATED...! why...? maybe no customer.... but the foods are very good and delicious...! pity......
25 Jul 2013 • Read Full Review
Flora Terrace 4.2Stars
impressive and nice food!
23 Jul 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Sakura Kristal Restaurant @ Taman Melawati 4.2Stars
Honestly it's great.. I've nothing to complain..
19 Jul 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Kashmir Cafés 2.0Stars
I had my lunch here with my hubby. The food was okay la.. I've been there when they were at the old place and now at their new place. Nothing to shout about, taste not the same. Price bit expensive especially around that area.When u can get food all around.
10 Jul 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Leonardo’s 3.0Stars
I would like to reserve seats for 9pax on Saturday。7july 7pm. tried to call but could not get through.. wrong number. please call me back. 01123867303. thx
2 Jul 2013 • Read Full Review
Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel 3.2Stars
Lunch at Eyuzu is reasonable if you happen to be at the Eastin, but it's not worth the hotel parking if you're not already there.
27 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Monster in The Hauz 1.4Stars
nothing special about this place. doesn't taste as good and hard to find parking.
25 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Capricciosa @ Pavilion 2.4Stars
Fettuccine w Clams & Mussles is a lovely dish.
the also have a Kids Menu and it nice.
24 Jun 2013 • 3 Helpful • Read Full Review
Ani Sup Utara @ Sri Gombak 2.8Stars
Taste good, value 4 money, but service is not so good, mayB they short of staff and that ok.
24 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Ani Sup Utara @ Hulu Langat 2.4Stars
Ani Sup Utara is 1 of my fvrt. The soup very nice. try it then love it.
24 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
The Chicken Rice Shop @ One Utama 4.6Stars
I love spicy mix vege. taste good. Service also 'A' (very2 friendly) & price value 4 money. Others food is nice.

I'll go again & again........... :-)
the best restrn ever.
24 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Canton-i @ One Utama 1.8Stars
Canton I One Utama staff really need to go for intensive training! I had a very bad experience. The Chinese waitress (a bit plump) with full fridge covering her forehead is very unprofessional. After taking our orders, she literally forgotten or purposely did not key in into the system for preparation. Waited for 10 mins and the drinks did not come out because she did not key in the order. Worst of all, she did not apologise and start giggling with other staff. She was also hostile and unfriendly with customers. Canton I, please TRAIN your staff!

22 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Arnor Crepes 3.8Stars
Crispy crepe, decent fillings~ Quite similar to Hot&Roll's crispy skin, but I think this one tastes much better~ :D
One advise, try not to only concentrate on the fillings and forget about the crepe pastry, because it would be soft and flaky then by the time you finish it. ;)
19 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Each A Cup @ Paradigm Mall 4.0Stars
I tried the the Earl milk tea here. Not as good as the classic thick milk tea but it's a nice change. Get it at 50 or 70% sugar
15 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Mukha 1.0Stars
I know one person That she can made one especial dessert which call Tiramisu.
this dessert have special recipe , which she made by her own Idea .
It don't have any alcoholic drink one it .
I want to know if your restaurant is interested to have this dessert or not?
Please replay me as soon as possible
14 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen 2.6Stars
Although this is one of the better tonkatsu out there. It is nowhere near Japan's tonkatsu or Ma Maison in 1U ( So Sorry) despite ordering the better cuts. Portion wise was a lil small for the price as well but service here is good although seated outside and not inside the restaurant.

On a bright side, cabbage salad, rice and green tea are refillable.

5 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
Shogun @ One Utama 2.6Stars
Shogun used to be one of the better buffet places. Which unfortunately in the recent years, standard has gone down and from a supposed Japanese buffet, it is now a mixed/fusion of foods and everything is pretty much mediocre.

That being said, It is at an affordable price. So if you are not really picky with the taste, you can eat till your heart's content.
5 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Pasta Zanmai @ One Utama 3.0Stars
One of my fav dishes (not very sure the name but you can see the picture in the menu) is their onsen tamago + unagi pizza !

Overall the food here is great! Portion is filling and they have this special menu that changes every month! So you can try new stuffs and they don't go on repeat (if I am not mistaken)

Unfortunately the service can be a bit slow even if it's not during peak hours.
5 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review
O'Briens @ One Utama 2.8Stars
My mom loves their TRIPLEDECKER. Usually go in the mornings to eat when pretty much every other restaurant in 1U isn't open for business yet. Although it's a lil pricey at around rm20 inc tax but it can be shared by 2 (smaller eaters or maybe girls/women).

The only odd thing I find bout O'Briens is their chips. Sandwhich is supposed to be healthy (and theirs do feel healthier than others somewhat) but with the potato chips at the side with the sandwhich, feels like it defeats the healthy purpose haha that being said, nice chips! I usually just plonk it in between my sandwhich before I start eating!
5 Jun 2013 • Read Full Review
Lecka Lecka @ e@curve 2.8Stars
The first time I sampled Lecka Lecka (yes, you can ask for free taste / sample just like Baskins) I got a shock at one of their flavour, which I unfortunately forgot the name of it but it taste exactly like eating Ferrero Rocher! O_O I was completely sold! hahaha!

They have a good wide range of varieties plus they seem to be introducing popsicle kinds lately which I feel is better (maybe cause I don't have to use both hands to eat my ice cream which I usually do when it comes in a cup)

Not only it's near Cineleisure's Cinema which is good cause you can eat it before/after a movie but they usually have some promo going on. BUY 1 FREE 1 Etc. If not, just log on to any voucher website (groupon/webuy etc) and sometimes they would have deals for Lecka Lecka which is really worth it.

The downside is that most of the time the workers (the ones serving you) can be a lil impatient/rude :(
5 Jun 2013 • 1 Helpful • Read Full Review